Start Your Project on Solid Ground

Start Your Project on Solid Ground

You'll need some site preparation services

New construction projects are exciting. It's easy to get carried away by floor plans and custom features, forgetting about the basic steps to proper construction. Before you begin building, you'll need to prepare your site. Big D Sales LLC can take care of the job. We offer extensive dirt work services. Whether you're building a home or business, you can rely on us to prepare your property.

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Iron out the site prep details

Whether you're a beginner contractor or a first-time property owner, you might not know everything that goes into site preparation. When we provide the dirt work, we'll remove trees and brush that are in the way of construction. Then, we can clear any remaining debris, rocks or plants. Do you have a commercial pad? We can develop it so you can get started on your store or office quickly. Maybe you're building a home for your family. We'll make sure you begin on the right foot.

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